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Jermuk is rich with unique fresh and mineral water springs. Among them noteworthy are the warm mineral springs, which due to their physical and chemical characteristics, rank on a par with similar springs in Karlovy Vary and Zheleznovodsk.  


The treatment includes external and inner usage of terminal water, medical nourishment, climatic, physiotherapeutic procedures, regimen, etc.

The following diseases are treated at our health-resort:
- Diseases of gastroenteric tract (gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenum, hepatitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, colitis, enterocolitis);
- Diseases of support – motor system;
- Diseases of urogenital system (chronic inflammation of renes, urolithic disease, inflammation of urinary bladder, chronic inflammation of sexual organs);
- Infringement of metabolism (diabetes mellitus, adiposity, uratic diathesis);
- Diseases of nervous system;
- Diseases of respiratory system.

The following medical examinations are conducted:
- Heart cardiogram;
- Medical consultation.

The visitors/patients can get the following procedures:
- Mineral baths;
- Physiotherapy;
- Peat therapy;
- Intestinal lavage;
- Microclysters;
- Oxygen cocktail;
- Inhalation;
- Gynecologic irrigation;
- Hydro-reflexotherapy;
- Classic massage (at additional charge).

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